I was tasked by Darhil Crooks, the previous creative director for The Atlantic Magazine, with conceptualizing and designing a cover for their recent March, 2016 issue, which features an article, “Liquid Assets." The goal of this project was to design something that communicated the story, but which also functioned on a news stand, maintaining the brand of The Atlantic.

As Crooks put it, "It needs to educate as well as entertain."

“Liquid Assets” is about a maverick investor buying up water rights in the West, and talks about whether his plan could solve the region’s water crisis. To illustrate this article, I created an image that features the impact the water crisis has on farmers who choose to sell their land to the maverick investor for high profits, in effect, abandoning their town.

  • Quick sketches were presented to Darhil Crooks for critique. A few examples of photo sketches are shown below.